7 Aesthetic phone chargers to power up your device

7 Aesthetic phone chargers to power up your device

Living a futuristic lifestyle is the stuff of dreams for every tech enthusiast, with the latest gadgets continuously revolving at the back of his head. And can you blame them? The innovation you see in today’s devices and gadgets is surreal.

Take phone chargers, for instance. Who’d have thought you could have a phone charger and an alarm clock. A table lamp. And a Bluetooth speaker as well. Sounds rather exciting, in’it?

So, how about if we run through some of the most fascinating phone chargers you may have ever seen?

1. Ousmile Alarm Clock Charger

Now, this is precisely the one I was talking about. Quite an aesthetic piece you’ve got there. An alarm clock with an ambient lighting feature that can build a calm and soothing ambiance in your room, not to forget the 15W wireless charger that can keep your phone powered up whenever needed.

The atmospheric lamp can also change colors, building a soulful ambiance in any room. Oh, and did we mention you’ll get ear pats on your back when your guests see this device with their jaws dropped, watching the sheer innovation it boasts?

2. WILIT Lamp Charger

Looking for a more aesthetic and eye-pleasing design? The WILIT Lamp Charger checks all the boxes. It’s sleek and multifunctional, not to mention the soothing ambiance it’ll build when kept on the bedside table.

The charger is suitable for all Qi-certified smartphones. However, as a pre-requisite, you’ll need to remove your cell phone case before charging it, which can be an unworthy hassle. However, if you’re very interested in the minimalistic design of this lamp charger, it shouldn’t be a hurdle for you.

This phone charger lamp is also dimmable, and its multifunctionality makes it an awesome, unique gift choice for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

3. Depulat Wireless Charging Speaker

It may be a speaker at the base, but this Depulat device also offers robust charging capabilities. It boasts a 10W charger that can power up an entire product line of Samsung and Apple phones with wireless charging.

The seven solid colors and two lights allow adjustable lighting to build a soothing atmosphere around the room. Also, it comes with an impressive 3000 mAh battery, meaning it’s built to last for long. In terms of usage, the Depulat Wireless Charging Speaker can be a mainstay in your living room, bedroom, yoga studios, and modern offices as a statement piece.

4. iGaur Bedside Table Lamp

Another sleek and stylish technological innovation that’ll leave you admiring the ambiance it creates. The iGaur Bedside Table Lamp is a touch-sensitive night lamp with four brightness levels, built to create a cozy atmosphere as you retire for the night.

In terms of charging, it’s quite universal and can work with all Qi charging devices. The only thing you need to know is that it must be plugged in while charging. So, it may look like a portable device, but a socket is necessary wherever you go if you want to use this lamp as a charger.

This device can also function as a speaker, so it’s a great device and one of the best phone chargers to invest in, especially for the price it’s available for.

5. PLUWEL Night Light Charger

The PLUWEL Night Light is a multifunctional desk lamp that can be a Bluetooth speaker, a night light, wireless charging, and a phone stand. It offers 10W wireless charging and can support any phone device with a charging coil.

Coming to its lighting characteristics, the PLUWEL Night Light Charger has five levels of brightness and eight different color modes, so you can easily use it as a party device to set the right ambiance when you’re having a drink or two with your near and dear ones.

The Bluetooth speaker also delivers a pretty impressive bass from a long range of 39ft with a stable connection. It is one of the best phone chargers with multifunctional capabilities that will leave your peers lost for words.

6. LeeNabao Table Lamp with Charger

Now, you’ve got to admire the design of this one. A well-balanced product that is both aesthetic and functional. The LeeNabao Table Lamp also serves as a charger, speaker, lamp, and lamp clock!

Coming to its charging characteristics, this G-shaped lamp can work specifically with iPhones as it has impressive charging capabilities and can also hold phones with heavy cases. Talking about other features, this device also offers an LED alarm clock and dimmable lighting that’ll ensure a cozy atmosphere when you enter the room it’s placed in.

7. SONTHIN Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger

This C-shaped wireless charger is probably the most cost-effective investment if you’re out to get a multifunctional device. The SONTHIN desk lamp can charge your phone while you’re studying, and it’s wireless makes it all the more desirable since you can easily take it anywhere with you.

You get adjustable color settings for relaxation to create a perfect atmosphere that enhances your mood and productivity. The built-in Bluetooth speaker ensures you can croon your favorite melodies while it plays them. Furthermore, the SONTHIN desk lamp also comes with an alarm clock that ensures you’re out of bed at the right time in the morning.

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